Staff Your Trade Show Booth

tradeshow booths
Staffing your trade show booth is imperative when it comes to ROI and lead generation.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been to a couple of trade shows. While I was at these events, I noticed that there were booths that did not have people staffing them. I found this to be astounding, for a few reasons.

  1. You spent the money on the booth. – When you spend money on something for your business, sure, you can write it off. But why wouldn’t you want to measure that return on your investment?
  2. You are missing out on talking to potential leads. – It takes an average of 8 contacts before a lead is even willing to meet with you. If your trade show booth isn’t staffed, you are missing out on those leads.
  3. Your staff needs to be committed to the booth – Yes, it is important for your staff to go network with the staff at other booths. However, if they are leaving your booth unattended, maybe you needed to bulk up your staffing for the event. Or maybe you couldn’t get anyone to sign up to staff it.

If you as a business owner are finding challenges in these areas, you are not alone. There are a few articles at that are dedicated to this challenge. One article had this to say:

“Clearly, then, staffing a booth at a trade show has never been more challenging than it is today. But with the proper training, outsourced personnel can effectively perform many functions, such as greeting attendees, staffing the info desk, distributing giveaways, gathering crowds, etc. What’s more, hired help may even outperform your own internal staff – all for considerably less money than it would cost you to send your employees to the show.”

The Go-to Girl can help you with trade show booth staffing. Whether you have an overlapping appointment, or need extra help for managing traffic, The Go-to Girl is an affordable option. My team is committed to learning your business, and making sure any incoming leads get accurate information and great customer services while visiting your booth.


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